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Jeweltech | Créations de Haute Joaillerie et Bijoux | Genève

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Jeweltech | Créations de Haute Joaillerie et Bijoux, Polissage | Genève

The know how of high Jewellery

The Jeweltech house, based in Geneva, has always collaborated with the biggest brands and with private customers for unique creations.

Custom design and unique creation: crimping, polishing, laser cutting, engraving, transformation and repair are ours specialities.

Our ambition has always the same: bring life to our clients wishes in the most faithful way possible, guaranteeing impeccable quality.

Jeweltech | Créations de Haute Joaillerie et Bijoux, Réparations  | Genève

A family business

Francisco Rojas, Jeweltech | Haute Joaillerie | Genève

Francisco Rojas

My life as an artisan was all mapped out. From a very young age, I loved watching my father create jewels. From my adolescence, I began to practice in his workshops. He provided me with gold and precious stones to make and set jewels.

I started by training as a jeweler in Geneva before leaving to work in Granada, where my father is from. There, I create and set jewelry for many jewelers and some private customer.

In 1989, I returned to Geneva with solid experience and founded Jeweltech. Today, surrounded by my daughters, we form a small company that listens to the customer.


Jewelry is an impressive world that makes us dream through its aesthetic beauty, the complexity of its creations, but also for its exclusivity.
At Jeweltech, we aim to open its doors. We want to introduce Jewelery no longer as an impossible dream, but as a luxury that you can now afford.  

The making of a unique and exceptional piece always begins with your wishes and your imagination. Through harmonious work between our experts and our customers, we are dedicated to satisfying your desires. The pieces we make are simply the fruit of your imagination and our expertise.


After each collaboration, we are proud to say that you are part of the essence of Jeweltech.

Jeweltech | Créations de Haute Joaillerie et Bijoux | Genève


Let's get to know

Making a piece sometimes requires a lot more work and attention depending on its complexity.


To ensure the result, our team must first discuss with you to be able to produce the jewel you want.


Do not hesitate to contact us, send us your ideas and ask us all your questions. We will respond as soon as possible.

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